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We are creative people who work for railway companies and we devote our free time to art forms and fun. FISAIC is an association organizing leisure time activities for railway workers, not only to support their many talents but also to promote railway as such. The abbreviation comes from its French name (Féderation Internationale des Sociétés Artistiques et Intellectuelles des Cheminots), which means the International Federation of Artistic and Intellectual Communities of Railwaymen. Its main goal is to organize and cultivate leisure time activities of railway workers at both national and international level.

Czech fisaic

Czech railwaymen have been members of FISAIC since 1990. The organizational agenda regarding the Czech FISAIC groups has been shifted to the Railway Trade Unions (OSŽ). We organize exhibitions, seminars and workshops, competitions, conferences, international events, group meetings, etc, both on national and international level. We appreciate your work and always try to create space for you to present yourself both nationally and internationally.

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international fisaic

The International Federation of Artistic and Intellectual Communities of Railwaymen  was founded by Western European raiwaymen in 1952. At that time, they realized that railway unite them all as their job requirements were quite similar at that time. They also realized that their dedication to rail topics (and rail-related leisure activities) have been so unique that they were connected by thought and action. Therefore they decided to establish the International Federation of Railwaymen- FISAIC  The Federation now associates over 25 European countries. The official languages languages have traditionally been French and German, newly English.

who can become a member?

The employees (or members) of following companies and organization can become a member of the Czech National Union of FISAIC

  • ČD, a. s.

  • SŽDC, s. o.

  • ČD Cargo, a. s.

  • a member of Czech Trade Unions who expresses interest in being part of a FISAIC group and contributing with his/her work

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our groups

We have currently 9 groups. The membership is for free.

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  • Is membership really for free?

    Yes, it really is. Free membership is part of the benefits for you and your family members if you work for ČD, ČD Cargo or SŽDC, or if you are a member of Czech Railway Trade Unions.

  • Can I go to an international event?

    Yes, you can go to the international event if approved by the Czech National Union.

  • Who can become a member? 

    Any employee of ČD, SŽDC, ČD Cargo or a member of Czech Railway Trade Unions who is interested in participating in certain group can become a member of the Czech National Union of FISAIC

  • Will my company grant me a day-off? 

    In most cases, yes. After consulting with your supervisor, OSŽ will send an official request to grant you a day-off. In vast majority of cases, supervisors approve.

  • What can I expect if I join? 

    You will get the opportunity to improve at your favourite leisure activity within particular group. Our groups organize seminars, regular meetings, exhibitions, competitions, etc.

  • How can I become a member?

    Fill in the contact form HERE and then we will send you the application form with further instructions.


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Czech National Union of FISAIC works under the auspices of the Czech Railway Trade Unions (OSŽ).


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